We understand how critical protecting confidential information is to your business when disposing of IT assets.
We offer a variety of data destruction solutions with all the necessary documentation, dependent on your requirements.


Level One Off site non-sensitive data destruction

  • For non-sensitive and encrypted data
  • Equipment collected and quarantined off site
  • Hard drive is wiped and overwritten with binary code using a dumb machine
  • Hard drive is tested to be processed for recycling as a clear drive
  • Any failure and the hard drive is physically destroyed
  • Generic Certificate of Data Destruction supplied as standard
  • Detailed certificates containing serial numbers are available on request at the time of booking


Level Two On site hard drive destruction

  • For sensitive and unencrypted data
  • Hard drives destroyed on site by crushing, eliminating any possibility of a data breach. View our video here.
  • A member of your staff present to supervise and sign off the procedure
  • Itemised Certificate of Data Destruction provided, recording serial and model numbers of hard drives supplied as standard


Level Three On site hard drive shredding

  • For ultra-sensitive data
  • Individual arrangements can be organised, based on your data requirements